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sOOtHinG AmBiAncE

These are not just pieces of pottery and they are not just fountains ~  they are handmade pieces of of art that add a whole lot of class ~ warmth and elegance to any room or patio and  lifestyle.  These  tabletop waterfalls  are built into pottery.  The craftsman gingerly breaks open each piece of pottery  ~ cuts and arranges each piece of rock to ensure a perfect fit and allow water to flow without splashing out. A small pump cascades the water from top to bottom with a light illuminating the entire affect. All you have to do is add water ~ plug it in and enjoy!

These pieces of art are not made in China but in the U.S.A.!   They are handmade from start to finish and no two will ever be alike.  Each piece is signed by the artist ~ they are first class beautiful!

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