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Howdy! Thanks for stopping in! Often, people ask where I came up with the name….
The name came to me on my drive home from Laramie, Wyoming at the time my “web site” had progressed from an idea to a commitment.   I was “day-dreaming” when I drove by the highway sign “Crazy Woman Creek” and a huge smile washed over my face as I instantly recalled a funny incident that happened at that very location nearly 45 years ago.
It was in the “sixties” when mom loaded all five of us kids (ranging from 2 -12 years old) into our Ford station wagon and traveled to Cheyenne to spend Thanksgiving with some close friends of the family. On our return trip home to Sheridan I have a vivid recollection of boredom, the brown expanse of “nothing” and strong winds hurling tumbleweeds all over the place. I probably only recall the details of this particular setting because of the incident that unfolded before our eyes as we came to a halt at Crazy Woman Creek. There was a construction crew working there; mom got out of the car to chat with the crew and as we were all peering out the window at this exchange we were mortified to see a gust of wind make off with our mom’s “fashionable” wig!  The sight was even more horrific to us as we watched the crew help mom chase her wig down Interstate-25. We all laugh about it now but at the time we all fought over the lowest hiding spot in the car!  In summary, old memories at Crazy Woman Creek  inspired this  site name.
Historically, the legends of Crazy Woman Creek aren’t so comical.  There are several tragic legends or myths involving a white or Indian “crazy woman”.  If your curiosity is piqued check out this article.
My friend Tom and sister Shelley spent countless hours helping with the original set up of CWTP in 1999 and we are very grateful for their contribution. Our “photography studio” encompasses the wide open plains of Wyoming, the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, sister Lisa’s Restaurant and our family ranchettes.
Our lives are especially hectic in the spring and summer months as we tend to farming and equine activities so please know that although we may not always be available to answer your phone calls personally, we will get back to you asap if you leave us a message or e-mail us. If we aren’t around, we have supportive family and friends who willingly take time out of their busy lives to help support and keep CWTP operating efficiently and professionally. We hope to make your shopping trip through the trading post pleasurable and simple and we hope you enjoy our site enough to pass it on to other family and friends.
If your travels ever take you over the beautiful Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming stop by Lisa’s Restaurant in Greybull, Wyoming for one of the most memorable meals you’ll have on your trip.  Lisa’s also features a large sampling of Crazy Woman Trading Post decor and gift items.
Thanks for stopping by!
Lori & Holton Harter
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