A note to our customers: we have chosen not to incorporate set shipping and handling fees into our check out process  because common sense isn’t offered as a rate calculator in any program I’ve run across.   Example:  Ever received a 2 ounce item in a box that could fit a pair of shoes or ever paid a flat rate of $10.00 when that item  could have been placed in an envelope and shipped for 75 cents?
Shipping  rates for consolidated products or larger items can vary significantly between  UPS and USPS . Several factors determine the rate (parcel measurement,  weight,  destination, and, of course…urgency).  If  several items are placed in the shopping cart we don’t want our customers scared off  because each item is tallied  at a separate rate.  Therefore,  to ensure our customers the best possible rate ~ we  will make every effort to consolidate  and ship via the most practical and affordable mode of delivery.
In summary, shipping charges per item or unit are estimates only and you will only be charged for actual shipping ~ No Handling fee.  Refunds on excess shipping charges will be reflected in a separate credit card transaction.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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